About us.
Our mission is to help you discover better ways to grieve that work for you, so that you too can live and grieve at the same time.

Who is behind Coping With Loss?

We are Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan. We work to help people navigate tough times.

A team for over a decade, we use knowledge from academic research to inform our practice. Rest assured that we are well qualified to help ease your journey through grief. We have dedicated hours and hours to combing through enormous amounts of research - both have PhDs! - but are most proud of the fact that we are known for making the scientific findings come alive for our clients. We are not boring academics, but real humans with way more lived experience than we wished. We fuse academia with our own personal stories, along with those we’ve gleaned from the countless hours we’ve spent training thousands of people globally. 

Frankly, grief sucks! But while we cannot remove all the pain, there is so much we can share to help you navigate this time. 

We truly can help you find your way towards better days ahead.

You will get through this, just as others have done before you.

We’ve got you.

Why did we start these programmes?
In response to requests from all over the world, we’ve created practical resources to help you live even while you continue to grieve.

With tools and knowledge provided in an optimistic and constructive way, our programmes work - and we want nothing more than to share them with you.

We know how important a sense of control, hope and community are at this time. Which is why we provide these and so much more. Our work is dedicated to guiding you to get your life back on track, to transform your grief journey.
Meet The Team You’ll Get To Know.

Dr Lucy Hone

Regarded as a thought leader in the field of resilience psychology, tragic circumstances forced Dr Lucy to focus more closely on grief when her 12-year-old daughter was killed in a horrific motor accident.

An internationally sought-after professional speaker, best-selling author, and award-winning academic researcher, she’s known for her gift of turning complex science into useable tools.

Covid-19 saw her TED talk, 3 Secrets of Resilient People, go viral making it one of the Top 20 most watched TED talks of 2020.

Author of Resilient Grieving, Lucy’s refreshing approach to coping with loss is regularly featured in global media, including Pyschology Today, the Guardian, the Washington Post, the BBC,CBS and ABC, Channel News Asia, Swedish Television, and TVNZ.

Dr Denise Quinlan

Denise is an award-winning and highly sought after global educator. Recognised as one of the world’s leading resilience experts she was part of the team delivering the first science-based resilience training programme ever created (by the University of Pennsylvania).

She is an expert in course design and delivery - which is what makes our Coping with Loss programmes so special. The information in every course, every session, is carefully curated to ensure it’s easily absorbable, the learning is well timed, beautifully paced and enjoyable. 

Denise’s expertise in resilience has seen her work published in international academic journals, and won her international impact awards.

Everyone always wants to hang out more with Denise after our programmes - her beautiful Irish lilt, gentle kindness and real world insights make her not only a joy to learn from, but provide a real feeling of being held compassionately as you travel through your coping with loss journey.

Tilly Stevens

Tilly has over 10 years experience specialising in grief, from delivering Loss and Grief programmes, to supporting people at end of life as an End of Life Doula, and providing grief support through her local funeral directors. Highly qualified, Tilly brings a wealth of grief theory, as well as her own lived experience to the Coping With Loss team.

Tilly supports our Coping With Loss Communities and online courses. You can rely on her to answer your questions, point you towards the information you need, while always caring about you and your grief story with her characteristic warmth and care.

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