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Coping With Loss @ Work

Studies estimate over half of employees have experienced bereavement in the last five years, and fewer than one in five managers feel equipped to handle grief effectively. This is causing harm – to people and business.

Workplaces need to be able to talk about loss

We live and work in largely death-phobic and grief-illiterate societies, where people feel awkward talking about death and loss. Workplaces continually call us for help, saying, ‘we don’t know what to say or do!’ We hear you, we used to feel that too, but a decade of working with grief has taught us there’s so much you can do to help. Let us help you become a more compassionate workplace.

Organisational risks of not understanding grief

When an organisation isn’t educated about grief, and situations aren’t handled well, it has been demonstrated to cause:

• Impaired productivity
• Reduced staff engagement and morale
• Fractured teams
• Increased absenteeism and presenteeism
• Good staff leaving

Your advice about coping with loss at work and how companies and colleagues can better support someone who is grieving was invaluable. You speak with such warmth and clarity and you shine a torch on a subject that is so important and yet is so often overlooked

Amanda German, co-director, White Balloon UK

CWL@Work helps you manage these risks

CWL@Work will provide your organisation with information and resources to better help anyone who’s coping with loss. It equips your leaders to confidently and proactively support staff and colleagues – reducing negative impacts of loss on team morale and productivity.

Coping With Loss @ Work Support

Specifically designed for the needs of workplaces, our one-off and ongoing support options provide essential information and practical steps for leaders and HR teams, the wider staff, and staff members directly affected by loss.

Grief Essentials Workshop

Executive Support Session

Ongoing Organisation-Wide Support

The team behind Coping With Loss

For over a decade our team has pioneered resilient approaches to coping with loss. Global client work, combined with academic expertise, informs our cutting-edge practice. We are uniquely qualified to assist organisations to become grief-literate and take a proactive approach to grief support.

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