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Grief at work

Grief doesn’t just happen at home, it comes to work too. Do your leaders and teams know how to support someone through loss or a crisis, what to say and what to do?

Prevent grief from harming your people and workplace

When grief is not adequately understood or supported, it can significantly affect both the grieving staff and the wider workplace, leading to reduced productivity, low morale, increased absenteeism, poor team relationships, and higher turnover.

CWL@Work provides a proactive approach to managing grief in the workplace, supporting staff effectively and fostering a high-performance culture.

Develop capability in your leadership

We’re here to help your leaders know how to support people through grief.

Our workshops and ongoing support provide organisations with information and resources to better help anyone coping with loss. We can educate and equip leaders to confidently and proactively support staff and colleagues.

Proven grief programmes for the bereaved

Our courses, utilised globally by individuals of all ages who have experienced loss, provide a variety of resources including self-directed and live programmes, books, and podcasts. Integrating resilience psychology with modern grief practices, participants report that these courses help them regain control of their lives and simultaneously manage grief with confidence.

Help your team support grieving colleagues 

Our guidance can also help your wider staff understand the impact of grief,  communicate appropriately and support grief-affected colleagues. Reduce uncertainty and anxiety by upskilling teams to reconnect with grieving colleagues on their return to work, and successfully reintegrate them to the team.

Becoming a compassionate workplace

Educating and upskilling leaders and staff to support loss and grief in the workplace produces ripple effects that support psychological safety and development of a compassionate workplace culture.

The most helpful approach to grieving I have found after trying many. Very practical and empowering. You have a say in your grieving process. This course shows you how.

Brian, College Professor, University of Massachussets

Coping With Loss @ Work Support

Our one-off and ongoing support options address the different needs across your organisation: equipping leaders and HR to confidently address loss or crisis; enabling teams to communicate effectively with grieving colleagues; and supporting anyone experiencing significant loss to grieve and live at the same time.

We offer a proactive approach to managing grief at work. Effectively support your staff through challenging times, ensuring their continued successful contribution to your organisation.

Grief Essentials Workshop

Executive Support Session

Ongoing Organisation-Wide Support

The team behind Coping With Loss

For over a decade our team has pioneered resilient approaches to coping with loss. Global client work, combined with academic expertise, informs our cutting-edge practice. We are uniquely qualified to assist organisations to become grief-literate and take a proactive approach to grief support.

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