Facing The Day
A self-directed course to help you take control of your grief journey in your own time.
What is in this programme?
Our self-directed programme shares the ways of thinking and acting we've seen transform people’s grief experience, allowing you to learn at your own pace, in your own time.

Created by Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan, specifically with the grieving brain in mind, this 3 Step course distills contemporary research into actionable tools. Each Step features short, succinct videos packed with practical tips (and summarised for easier recall!), a beautifully designed workbook featuring exclusive images by Ruby Jones, as well as self-reflection questions and activities.

If you're looking for answers, this is the perfect place to start.

Take the first steps forward into the rest of your life, with us right by your side.
3 Step Course
Delivered in three separate steps, this course will grow your confidence, self-belief and hope. That crippling helplessness ends right here.
Videos & Guides
Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan share the best findings from resilience research and contemporary grief studies through bite-sized videos and guides.
Learn The Tools To Help Yourself & Others Cope With Loss
Regain control of this new alien world by building resources to help you heal and move forward in life, while never forgetting your loved ones.

How does the programme work?

A transformational course, helping you heal. 

By sharing the best of contemporary advice, Facing The Day will shift your entire approach to grief. 

If you’re done with feeling judged and helpless, sick of being told you're not grieving 'properly', then this course will equip you to push back on unwanted advice, and identify the strategies that work best for you.  

Sharing the evidence-based, practical tools that we've seen work, this course will teach you how to live and grieve at the same time, leaving you feeling more optimistic about the days ahead.

Will this programme suit me?
As long as you want to take constructive steps forward to reclaim your life, regain a sense of control and hope, and transform your grief - then this course is for you.

Whether you are newly bereaved, or have been living with grief for a while and feel you’ve run aground, this course will provide you with a fresh approach to grief, one we’ve seen make shifts in so many.

How much does it cost? Can I afford it?

Facing the Day can help you get control of your life back – for less than the cost of a couple of therapy sessions.

Start your journey today. Options to purchase or gift this course to someone else at the bottom of this page.

What will I take away from the course?

1. Feel more confident in your ability to survive this loss.

Equipped with new insights from contemporary grief research, you'll be able to push back on unwanted advice, leaving you empowered to grieve on your own terms, in your own time.

2. Learn how to approach your grief in manageable chunks.

Grief is exhausting, but it's okay to take breaks. We'll teach you about the natural ebb and flow of grief, and identify your 'Secondary Losses', so you can manage your emotions better.

3. Identify the go-to resilience strategies that work for you.

Learn three fundamental skills of resilient people, leaving you feeling less of a victim. Tools to reduce inner turmoil, and reduce the 'what ifs' will leave you calmer and more in control.

What people say...
“Your work is exactly what I've been looking for for a decade. A few years after my sister died, I was ready to move beyond 'everything sucks' to 'how do I let this make me stronger'? So many times in grief, I just wanted to be heard, other times I wanted straight up advice. Lucy is that guide, what I'd been searching for all those years.”
Past Course Member
Coping With Loss
“I particularly love how you take the academic research and mould it into something very tangible and practical - makes it so much easier to apply in our own lives.”
Past Course Member
Coping With Loss
“Thank you for sharing your hard-earned discoveries on what supports and what doesn't in this bewildering process.”
Past Course Member
Coping With Loss
“Lucy and her work have been a ‘game-changer’ in my grief process, my ‘go to’ support mechanisms whilst navigating this first year of loss, giving me hope that we would somehow recover and might even grow.”
- Julie B, UK
Coping With Loss
“This course is super-amazing, you've put together an absolutely incredible resource.”
Past Course Member
Coping With Loss
Restoring your sense of control starts here.
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$149 NZD

So many of our clients come to us having been gifted a course by someone who cares deeply about them.

Gifters find it is a beautiful way to show their support and know the impact will last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers!

By gifting this course, you are giving the bereaved the gift of hope. I know first hand, that's all I wanted when our dear girl died - hope and some actionable tools that might actually help me face the days ahead.

It's easy to organise a gift payment, simply purchase this course yourself and select the 'Send as a gift' option during the payment process. Then you can send the course details on to your loved one, all paid for and ready to go.

I know how much they'll appreciate it.

Lucy 💜

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$149 NZD
Still have questions?
We understand selecting which course is the best fit for you can be daunting, so if you have any questions feel free to ask below and we’ll answer them. Remember, there’s no such thing as a wrong/silly question! We’re here to help you.