Grief And Growth
Curious about how grief has changed you? Join a live, online, interactive course hosted by leading grief expert, Dr Lucy Hone.
What is in this programme?
Learn how to transform your pain into future purpose and find meaning, with this one of a kind course. By identifying your personal strengths and enabling you to use them more, you will explore the ways in which you’ve changed, while simultaneously establishing how to keep your person close.

This course coaches the bereaved to identify new priorities, disentangle conflicting thoughts, leaving you better equipped to live happily and purposefully as you step bravely into the future.

You’ll learn about post-traumatic growth, rituals and legacies, identify your own strengths and explore new possibilities.

This thoroughly unique course is built around highly interactive workshops hosted by Dr Lucy Hone and Dr Denise Quinlan, globally respected academics and trainers, founders of our Coping With Loss programme. Both are hugely popular trainers with proven deep subject knowledge (training over 30k people globally last year alone). You’re bound to love their highly interactive, thoughtful, and inclusive workshops.

There will be plenty of time for guided group discussion, individual reflection activities, Q&As with Lucy and Denise, as well as scientifically proven surveys building your self awareness and identifying opportunities.
Next course starts:
7th June 2024
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Know Your Strengths and Use Them More
By helping you to identify your personal strengths you'll feel more empowered to face the future and confident in your ability to navigate challenges in all life domains.
Forging Ongoing Connections: Rituals and Legacies
Working out what your person taught you, and how the entire experience of their loss has impacted your life, allows you to co-create a unique legacy for both you and them going forward – allowing you to honour their contribution always.
Potential Pathways for Growth: looking to the future
You’ve doubtless heard of post-traumatic stress, but did you know post-traumatic growth is more common among the bereaved? Using our framework to identify specific ways your life has changed in response to loss. you'll explore five potential avenues of change and identify emerging opportunities to fill the void.

How does the programme work?

We love working with students on our live courses. This is where our material really comes to life and we see clients make quantum shifts in their approach to grief.

While students can be daunted by the prospect of live group learning, they never fail to tell us how much they love it once we get going. Our informal style encourages you to ask us anything, and the power of working in this kind of group means you meet people who truly get what you’re going through. No need to feel cautious talking about grief here, and we are always more focused on constructive steps forward than dragging over our hurtful pasts.

You’ll be able to retain access to workshop recordings for two years after the course, and draw on the supporting course materials for as long as you need.

Will this programme suit me?
If you are wanting to advance your grief journey in an active and productive way, then this course is definitely for you. It’s the next step that so many of our clients have been asking for.

If you feel you’ve done the preliminary ground work, and are wondering ‘what next’, then Grief & Growth will help you find your way forward. In a supportive caring environment, you can explore how grief has changed you, what you’ve learned and who you are now.

The more that you put into this course, the more you’ll get out of it. We support your full participation in this group setting. If you feel you’re not quite ready for this course, have a look at our individual programmes which are available to discover at your own pace.
What people say about our courses...
"I can't believe how much I've got out of this course. I learnt a lot. Words to help describe or label thoughts and emotions. I enjoyed the science-based approach too and all the wonderful resources... It's made me more curious and not to be afraid, embrace the knowledge.
The use of zoom, technology and engaging with people overseas was amazing - flowed well. The 2-hour sessions went quickly. Wonderful that sessions are recorded and you can go back to listen to them."
NZ, February 2023 Course Member
"It was very soothing and helpful for me. At the end I felt like I could breathe again. Like others, I compared it to the price of one on one therapy and decided to enrol. There are four workers in the programme and it is very well run - we were learning from some of the best people in the world."
Tiffani Clingin
Australia, Oct 2022 Course Member
"It's really incredible how calm I feel, after being supported on this platform for the first time since my tragedy.

Thank you so much to everyone for being so brave and Lucy, Denise and Trevor for your courage as well."
Sylvie Daoust
NZ, February 2023 Course Member
"This course was exactly what I needed right now. The shared language, discussion, experiences brought me enormous reassurance, that where I’ve been and where I am now is where I need to be."
Jo Bensen
Australia, Feb 2023 Course Member
“A very very well worth course! I was pleasantly reassured that overall "I was doing OK" even though it's only been 7 months since our daughter's death. I was initially nervous about joining a cohort but it was extremely good to have the live interaction and chat. It was good to be with people who are all in this post loved one loss "new world" and get it. The best and only counselling I'll ever need. Thank you so very much."
Julie Luffman
NZ, February 2023 Course Member 
“Highly recommend this course, it was so informative and inclusive, I feel more positive going forward in my grief journey.”
Angela Crowley
NZ, February 2023 Course Member 
“A Better Way to Grieve was incredibly helpful. Both in understanding my own journey of grief, but also understanding other people's journey, especially those close to me.

Being surrounded by other participants who are going through some of the same experiences was also so reassuring.
Christopher Miller
NZ, February 2023 Course Member
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Frequently asked questions

How much face time will I get with Lucy?
Lucy is delivering this entire course. You'll learn directly from her, and have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Lucy and her featured guests, as well as the rest of the students.
What happens if I can’t make a live session?
That's ok! Each session is recorded and you'll receive lifetime access to watch the session recording videos. The best value and transformation comes from learning together, so we do hope you'll make each of the 3 workshops, but if you can't - join when you can and catch up later. You will still receive huge value from this course.
I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?
I encourage you to commit to the 6 hours of workshops. We run the course over the weekend to help you with that. However, if for some reason you cannot make a live session, you can access the recordings. You also get perpetual access to full course resources as we know the opportunity to revisit is vital for the poor bereaved brain!
I have questions - can we chat?
Yes absolutely - I'd really love to talk to you. Book a free 15 min 1-on-1 (no obligation) discovery call with me by clicking the link here. I'll determine if this course is the right fit for you.
Do I need to be at a specific stage of my grief journey?
No! This course is for you regardless of how long ago your loss occurred. We've seen it work for people in the early months of grief AND those many years on. As long as you have accepted that the loss has occurred and are ready to learn what you CAN do to help your grief, then you will benefit.
Who is this course NOT for?
Honestly, if you're still struggling to get out of bed, then this course probably isn't for you...yet! It's perfect for people who are on a mission to find their way through grief and desperate to do whatever it takes to get their life back on track.
How long will it take for me to see/feel results?
That really depends on you: how quickly you start implementing the tools and processes outlined in the course. The people who follow the lessons, try the tools and do the self-reflection activities, report they have an immediate impact.

If you do absolutely nothing, you won't see any results.
Will there be lots of people sitting around crying?
Haha.. such a good question! We've all been to those groups right?! The answer is NO. We actively discourage people from coming if they are not ready to find their way forward. That doesn't mean you're not allowed to cry, but you do have to be ready to take action & lean in.
How does the community work?
As an attendee of my course, you'll gain access to a private community where you can share your progress, get feedback, ask for help etc. You can participate as much or little as you like but we hope that you'll share what your knowledge with others as that way we all grow together.
How long do I have access to this information for?
You will have lifetime access to all the recordings of our Workshops and the supportive course materials.
Is the Orientation session compulsory?
We strongly encourage you to attend the Orientation session - particularly if you are less familiar with Zoom. You can check your set up, meet some of your fellow students and ask any logistical questions.

There's no time within the Workshops to sort tech issues, so if you can't join, pls watch the recording!
What's the refund policy?
If you cancel up to the registration deadline, you can get a full refund. After that, we have a strict no-refund policy (I need to keep the course at the right number of students).
Can I change which cohort I am in?
As spaces are limited on each cohort, when you sign up for a cohort date, your place is held for the dates of that cohort only. We are not able to transfer you onto a different cohort.
What sorts of people and how many would be on this course?
The people on this live course all share a strong common bond - coping with loss - and we hear from past attendees that this is one of the most powerful aspects of the course. The number per cohort does vary.   We also reserve the right to restrict admission to respect and look after the needs of each individual who considers attending, and to ensure the effective functioning of the course for all participants.
Who is this course not for?
Honestly, if you're still struggling to get out of bed, then this course probably isn't for you...yet!
Also, if you are in a situation where you need one-to-one care or if you are at a place in your grief journey where you need a space to tell your story in detail, then this course probably isn't a good match for your needs.  The structure of the course means that space for sharing stories is limited and we need to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to share.However, this course is so perfect for people who are on a mission to find their way through grief and desperate to do whatever it takes to get their life back on track.
Do I have to share my story?
No one has to share their story on the course if they don’t wish to, and on the other side of the coin, the course facilitators will ensure that no one person’s story dominates the space.
Is this course right for me?
The course facilitators want to ensure that everyone who joins the course is well supported, and that the information provided is of value and use to participants. That means that if your needs are very specialised, or if you require in-depth one-to-one personal attention, we may advise you that the course is not suited to your needs.
Is this course right for my grief?
Originally developed to support the bereaved, the course has proven valuable to a broad range of people. Including those looking for support in anticipation of a loss, when living with un-acknowledged loss, or in some cases, living with a non-bereavement loss. If you are not sure whether or not the content of the course will be helpful for you, please book a one-to one call. We are happy to work through your needs and advise if the course will be a good fit.
Can I bring my partner on the course?
The course price provides access for one person only.  If you would like to include an additional person, we do offer a 10% discount.  Please contact us to book your 2nd ticket.
Will I be recorded?
No, you won't be recorded! In the course recording. I only record my screen, sharing content in the recording. When we have 'breakout' Q&A rooms, where you have the opportunity to share, this isn't recorded. Your privacy and confidentiality is very important to us.
Still have questions?
We understand that starting a journey with grief can be daunting, especially in a group context. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask them below and we'll do our best to answer them the best we can.