Ongoing Organisation-Wide Support

Prevent loss-related workplace disruptions by empowering leaders and wider staff with the tools to confidently support staff coping with grief. 

What our plans provide
  • Practical bite-sized insights and self-assessment checklists to bring your leaders and HR teams up to speed. 

  • Answer your wider teams’ questions and needs, build knowledge, and make the topic of grief less daunting.

  • Proven programmes to leave grieving staff feeling stronger and better equipped to get through today, and face tomorrow.

The content in our plans cover Leaders & HR Teams, the wider staff in your organisation, and staff members coping with loss.

For Leaders & HR Teams

Empower and upskill your leaders and HR teams with the following:

1. The Coping With Loss @ Work Guide

From policy creation and suggested training, through to day-to-day actionable tips.

2. Leaders’ Video Series:

  • Overview video (12-15 mins)

  • Best practices for ‘return to work’ video (10-12 mins)

  • Bite-sized learning on individual grief topics, teaching your leaders how to support grievers and respond to specific questions. These are aligned with key learnings and insights from the self-directed programmes we’ve created for those people who are coping with loss.

  • Self-assessment on learning (5 min questionnaire)

3. Individual Programmes

Use of Coping With Loss individual programmes and tracking of this use

4. Access to Experts

Access to the Coping with Loss Team for additional support and expert assistance and advice.

For The Wider Staff

Because the wider staff group care about grief too, we’ve created a dedicated Toolkit for them, containing:

1. Guided Workshop

A brief guided workshop (Grief 101) for teams that builds grief literacy and a shared language to discuss loss and grief. Includes a 15 minute video for all staff plus a one page How To Guide helping leaders to facilitate team discussion. 

This workshop prepares the team for a grieving staff member’s return to work, offering specific advice on what to say and do, answering common concerns and allaying fears. Essential information to avoid misunderstanding and fractured team relationships on the griever’s return.

2. Learning Videos

On demand bite-sized learning videos providing further support for staff. These short videos (3-7 mins each) answer common questions asked, and upskill your teams in areas of interest and concern.

These videos are aligned with key learnings and insights from the self-paced programmes offered to grievers, further supporting development of a shared languages and common understanding of grief at work.

PDF advice sheets responding to frequent questions our clients ask us.

For Staff Members Coping With Loss

1. Individual Programmes & Resources

Proven programmes to grow your personal toolkit, leaving you feeling stronger and better equipped to get through today, and face tomorrow. 

We know grief, and frankly grief sucks. However, there are ways of thinking and acting (backed by science) that can help you through this devastating loss. People constantly tell us how our best-selling book, videos, tip sheets, podcasts and community support have helped them feel calmer and less alone in their grief. 

As resilience academics, we have worked for decades helping people cope with challenges and change. We’ve seen first-hand what works. Our wrap-around support gives you the tools to reduce helplessness and overwhelm, and return a sense of control to your world.

Interested in finding out more?

Get in touch with our team to find the best plan for your organisation.

Our other  CWL@Work support options

Executive Support Workshop

Grief Essentials Workshop

Still have questions?
We understand that dealing with discussions around loss and grief in the workplace can be complicated, there are many factors at play, so if you have any questions feel free to ask below and we’ll answer them.